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Victorian and Steampunk

Doctor Who Police Box Corset Gown - Dr Who Tardis Dress

Doctor Who Police Box Corset Gown - Dr Who Tardis Dress

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A Whovian ensemble for Doctor Who fans. 
This iconic Tardis ensemble will make you feel like a work of  Doctor Who art whether it's for a wedding, formal event or a Dr Who Cosplay event.   

You'll find the classic Police Box printed all over the corset and overskirt.  The underskirt features Gallifreyan symbols. 

The overbust victorian styled corset gives a lovely waist shape and is very supportive of the back, it can also be worn by itself over dresses or pants for a more casual look. 

This corset gown comes with a steel boned hoop skirt. This gives the classic victorian shape to the ensemble and is one of my favorite accessories, keeping skirt hems away from your feet. You'll be able to wear the hoop skirt with many other full skirts.

This ensemble includes:

Victorian steel boned Corset - lined with 100% cotton. Gives a great waist shape

Overskirt and Underskirt - Full lace trimmed overskirt which opens at the front to reveal the underskirt giving a clearer view of the subtle Gallifreyan symbols 

A steel boned hoop skirt which gives the lovely skirt shape.

Long sleeved chemise under corset top in black georgette or black satin.

MEASUREMENTS: We will require your measurements to make this ensemble for you and will let you know what we need after your order is placed. Please feel to contact us with any questions you have about how to take the measuremens. We are more than happy to help.

MANUFACTURING TIME: This very special gown is made from custom digitally printed fabric that we have designed especially for this project. This may have to ordered in for your order which usually takes about 2 - 3 weeks to arrive.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the estimated manufacturing time,

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