Here are some answers to common questions about our shipping and making times:

Is everything made and shipped from Australia?
Custom made corsets, skirts and other garments are made in Australia at the Victorian and Steampunk studio.

Many of our products are custom printed and shipped from printers internationally.  For example a pair of custom printed boots or a handbag is designed by Victorian and Steampunk here in Australia then printed and shipped from our printer in China. 

We also have printers in the USA for Skater skirts, Tshirts and some other items.  

Each product will have shipping information included with the images.
Where are your products made and shipped from?

Australia, China and the USA

How long will it take for my order to be made and shipped?

Manufacturing Time - Usually most items will be made and shipped out within 5 - 9 business days. 

Shipping Time - Shipping usually takes 2 - 3 weeks (internationally) but this varies during peak seasons and depends on your location. 

For example - Shipping for an Alice in Wonderland skirt and petticoat, shipped from the Victorian and Steampunk studio in the Southern Highlands of NSW to a location in Australia will usually take 1 - 5 days. 

Shipping for an Alice in Wonderland Skirt and petticoat from the Victorian and Steampunk studio to the USA or the UK will usually take 1-3 weeks.  Express shipping is also available.

Boots, bags and other accessories that ship from my printer in China usually take 1 - 3 weeks anywhere in the world (this is the shipping time, manufacturing time needs to be added to this timeframe), this can vary depending on location, customs delays and peak times (eg Christmas) 

Unsure which shipping time applies to you?  You'll find more shipping information in our shipping policy

Any questions - Please reach out to me at victorianandsteampunk@gmail.com
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