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About Us

At Victorian and Steampunk we're all about designing clothing and accessories inspired by the Victorian era and Steampunk genre with a little Alice in Wonderland thrown in.
Catering to all shapes and sizes, we're passionate about making you feel extraordinary in every piece. 

Whether it’s just the right outfit for a Mad Hatter Tea Party or Steampunk themed wedding we can help.  Gifts, costumes, cosplay or everyday adventures we’ve got it covered.

Where it all began...

Meet Annette, founder and designer.

A little about me and the story of Victorian and Steampunk:

Since the age of 5 I've been passionate about designing and making clothing.  It all started with a Barbie doll and some leftover fabrics from my Grandmother who also loved to sew. Visiting her was like stepping into a wonderland, a huge sewing room filled with all the fabrics, buttons and zippers that my 5 year old self could ever imagine. 

My Barbie doll ended up with some very funky outfits.  I remember one spectacular pantsuit covered in apples.  She was very stylish:)

These early beginnings developed into a lifelong passion for design and alternative fashion. 

From my first clothing ranges of Medieval printed clothing to a Sydney Gothic clothing store specialising in Corsetry and later the fun of the Steampunk and Victorian genres.

Steampunk fun

I love this genre for its iconic gadgetry, Victorian themed clothing and generally awesome style.

At Steampunk festivals you'll often see three generations of a family all dressed up. From the youngest at 4 or 5 years old to the oldest in their 70's or 80's. Amazing!!

Alice in Wonderland

I’m a little obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and you’ll find many Alice designs throughout my website from a full Victorian Queen of Hearts ensemble to fun handbags and boots.

Where does it all happen?

My studio in the Southern Highlands of NSW is a rather chaotic experience filled with fabrics, patterns and all the other necessities for creating custom clothing.

You'll find me daily working on my computer or sewing machine, designing fabrics and accessories or making made to measure garments and corsetry.

I’m helped by assistants Sharon and Stephanie and also by family members, James, Charlie and Will.  We all pitch in at Medieval and Steampunk Festivals where we sell in person.

I love to design, whether it’s on bags, boots, tshirts, mugs or other accessories as well as clothing and fabrics. I partner with several international printers who custom print my fabrics and accessories. So I can offer a wide range of fun items to pair with my custom clothing.


Certificate of Apparel Technology and Administration from Auckland Technical Institute

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Some images from a recent Medieval festival in Queanbeyan (NSW, Australia)
Queanbeyan Medieval Festival - September 2023
Corset display Queanbeyan Medieval Festival